Really great shape. Unreal price.

Once you find that perfect pair of jeggings that makes your rear end look really, really good, they quickly become a wardrobe staple and you just have to have more than one. Buy all three colours (indigo, grey and black) and buy a few pairs of each, ‘cos you are NEVER going to want to take them off!

What’s so good about our jeggings? They’re incredibly comfy, have the perfect amount of stretch and the midrise stretchy waist holds everything in! Did we mention the back pockets are real? So, they actually look like jeans (unlike a lot of other jeggings).

Dress them up or down and mix and match depending on your plans. Maybe a t-shirt and flats for the weekend or a stylish blouse and heels for a girls’night out. And at $14.95 a pair, they’re cheaper than your first round of drinks.

They’re made for real women with sizes range from 8 to 18.


Shop these unreal jeggings in-store or online.



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